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Glass Jug With Bamboo Lid and Heat Resistance

Glass Jug With Bamboo Lid and Heat Resistance

Strong , Precise and Made of Clear Glass Jug. 

This is a Heat Resistant and Beautifuly designed product, with a practicle portable lid, capable of locking heat or cold.

It is A Jug to dream off. 

Suitable throughout Summer, Spring, Autum or Winter days.

This Jug is an ace product and can carry 1.700ml of drink, from fresh and cool water, to Teas, Juices or Cocktails. It can handle all.

One of the most versitile jugs for your home or office.

It is a beautiful and versatile product, displaying a lovely modern design, that will suit your environment.

Made from quality materials, to last, and to also protect. It is made from recicled materials, from glass to bamboo. Protecting our environment and the earth.

Quality and design is important to us, we choose our products to last and to care for you and for our environment.



  • Delivery between 18 working days

    This product is from our partners from outside the EU, and it can take up to 18 working days to be delivered to the UK.

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